Digital Biomarkers Market is projected to be worth over USD 22 billion by 2030
Advances in information technology and biomedical science have enabled the development of digital solutions for biomarkers, which, owing to the myriad of pertinent applications, are being increasingly adopted in modern healthcare practices

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Digital solutions for biomarkers are modern solutionsthat are capable of generating, collecting, and tracking medical data. Fromthis data, digital biomarkers that offer insights into anatomical,physiological, and molecular events, and even behavior-related patterns inhumans, have been acknowledged as viable inputs to understand, track, monitorand / or predict health-related outcomes. In the current pandemic, medicalprofessionals are trying to identify digital biomarkers that can facilitate thesuccessful screening / diagnosis of COVID-19 patients, remotely.

KeyMarket Insights

Over45 digital solutions for biomarkers are currently available / under development

Over 70% of the aforementioned solutions are offeredeither as combinations of software applications and devices or as standalonesoftware solutions, targeting more than 30 unique target indications.

Over85% of digital solutions for biomarkers are intended for patient monitoringpurposes

Such solutions are currently available / being developedto monitor various digital biomarkers associated with neurological disorders(22%), respiratory disorders (17%), and infectious disorders (15%). In fact,over 15% of these solutions are being extensively used for monitoring patientswith COVID-19.

40global events, focused on digital solutions for biomarkers, have been organizedsince 2016

Around 40% of these were conferences, involving more than25 unique organizers. Close to 50% of such events have been / are beingorganized in the US.

NearlyUSD 950 million invested by both private and public investors in this domain

~70% of the total capital raised by digital solutions forbiomarkers developers was from venture capital funding, featuring thecontributions of over 150 investors. In addition, over 65% was invested incompanies focused on development of physiological / vocal digital biomarkers.


Partnershipactivity in this field has grown at a CAGR of over 60%, between 2016 and 2020

More than 65% of the reported deals were established inthe last two years (since 2019), with the maximum activity being reported in2020. Majority of the instances captured in the report were research anddevelopment agreements (24%) and product / technology integration agreements(15%). Further, more than 40% of these agreements have been signed for digitalsolutions for physiological biomarkers.

NorthAmerica and Europe are anticipated to capture over 65% of the market share by2030

The market in Asia-Pacific regions is anticipated to growat a relatively faster pace (41.03%). In 2030, digital solutions capturingvocal biomarkers are likely to represent the largest market share, in terms ofrevenues from product sales (37%), followed by those intended to capturephysiological biomarkers (32%) and idiosyncratic biomarkers (16%).  

GetLatest Market Insights: DigitalBiomarkers Market is projected to be worth over USD 22 billion by 2030

KeyQuestions Answered

·       Who are the leading players engaged in thedevelopment of digital solutions for biomarkers?

·       Which are the popular therapeutic areas wheredigital biomarkers are currently relevant?

·       What kind of global level events related todigital biomarkers, have been organized in the recent past?

·       What is the trend of capital investments inthe digital biomarkers market?

·       Which partnership models are most commonlyadopted by stakeholders in this industry?

·       What is the tole of big pharma playersengaged in this domain?

·       How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted thedigital biomarkers market?

·       What are the opportunities available fordigital solutions for biomarkers in emerging markets?

·       How is the current and future opportunity likelyto be distributed across key market segments?

·       What are the anticipated future trendsrelated to digital solutions for biomarkers market?

TheUSD 22.6 billion (by 2030) financial opportunity within the digital solutionsfor biomarkers market has been analyzed across the following segments:

Contentof Solution

·       Software Application + AI Support

·       Software Application + Device

·       Standalone Software Application

·       Other Contents of Solutions

Purposeof Solution

·       Diagnosis

·       Early Screening

·       Monitoring

·       Predictive Insights

Typeof Biomarker

·       Cognitive Biomarkers

·       Idiosyncratic Biomarkers

·       Physiological Biomarkers

·       Vocal Biomarkers

·       Other Biomarkers


·       Autoimmune Disorders

·       Cardiovascular Disorders

·       Infectious Disorders

·       Mental Health Problems

·       Neurological Disorders

·       Respiratory Disorders

·       Substance Use Disorders

·       Others


·       Business to Business (Healthcare Providers,Payers, Employers and Pharmaceutical Companies)

·       Business to Consumer (Patients andCaregivers)


·       North America

·       Europe

·       Asia Pacific

·       Latin America

·       Middle East and North Africa

·       Rest of the World

Thereport features inputs from eminent industry stakeholders, according to whom,digital biomarkers are soon likely to witness increased adoption given theirbroad scope of applications and the availability of technologies that enablesuch biological inputs to be remotely identified and processed. The reportincludes detailed transcripts of the discussions held with following industryexperts:

·       Edouard Gasser (Co-Founder and ChiefExecutive Officer, Tilak Healthcare)

·       Michael Seggev (Chief Commercial Officer,Vocalis Health)

Theresearch covers brief profiles of key players engaged in the development ofdigital solutions for biomarkers; other popular industry players featured inthe report include:

·       Akili Interactive

·       AiCure

·       Cogito Corp

·       Janssen Pharmaceuticals

·       Huma

·       Mindstrong Health

·       Oura

·       Pear Therapeutics

·       Roche

·       Sonde Health

·       Vocalis Health

·       Winterlight Labs

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