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When starting exercise most people do not think about getting expert opinion. In most cases, people start exercising suddenly after seeing or hearing someone. They don’t think about how it affects their body.

Every body responds differently, especially when you start exercising for the first time or after a long interval. So it is important to seek guidance before engaging in exercise or fitness activities. Learn how hard workout can be for you.

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Yoga is an ancient Indian exercise method that is a great alternative not only to the health of the body but also to the mind, but if used incorrectly, its effects can be detrimental. The yoga system exercises for every part of the body. Headaches are not for everyone, and people who suffer from stomach ailments or have undergone surgery are prohibited from doing yoga, which can be very stressful. So if you are choosing yoga, first choose the right instructor. Only do yoga according to their advice.

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Walking on a treadmill:

Nowadays people easily buy treadmills and bring them home. In most cases, after a few days, these machines seem to be neglected in one corner of the house. Spending too much time on these machines can be harmful. You’ve probably heard of some people having a heart attack while walking on a treadmill. People with a lot of weight, exercising after a long time, high blood pressure and diabetes are more likely to have this.

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Running or jogging:

Jogging is a very good exercise that benefits the whole body. But one day getting up and running suddenly is not beneficial for all ages and physical conditions. If you gain weight and start running suddenly after 40 years, it can make your bones and heart hard. Exercising regularly, athletes or army personnel also benefit from running several kilometers daily. But this is their routine and for this they also take instructions for warm up, stretching, proper routine and running in the right way. If you want to start a race, then put on the right shoes for the first few days and practice brisk walking. After that, start the race for 10 minutes, then gradually increase this time.

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Other physical exercises:

Similarly, it is good to start activities like zumba, aerobics, jumping rope, any kind of martial arts, etc., but it is not good to quit in a short time. They can put your spine at risk of damaging your bones, muscles, and make it harder for organs such as the heart, liver, etc. If you are overweight or already have a problem, the best solution is to choose exercise on the advice of a doctor. You can also choose the option of walking fast, it is effective for every person and every age.

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