Workshop for job seekers in the UAE
I12wrk is UAE based Employment & Recruiting Platform with plenty of jobs in database with all type of industry and salary and experienced. We have a jobs like which is fulfil their dreams in his career and life.

Workshop for job seekers in the UAE

We are one of UAE leading online employment Job Portal. Helpingfacilitate the matching and communication of job opportunities betweenjobseekers and employers. We have a service like CV writing, Resume Writing, Video Resume andwe give interview coaching to help the candidate to crack the interview throughthe i12learn Program.

The volatile job market is the trending topic ofdiscussion around the world at the moment. As the pandemic continues to take onnewer forms, the job market is even reshaping and adapting to what we now knowas the new normal.

While this transition is underway, job seekers arealso acclimatising and seeking guidance to get ahead of the competition andstay in the game. Fortunately, for most job seekers in the UAE, the market isheaded to normalcy and we can see the improvement in the number of jobs postedon the i12WRK platform and others alike. To further propel the condition oflife and work of job seekers in the UAE, i12WRK partnered with Sohaib Hasan,one of the most successful youth influencers and career advisors in Dubai, toshowcase experts with the latest trends, demands, and practices of industriesthrough organised events.

Recently, in the second live session of the 'Jobs Talkhosted by Sohaib', job seekers were amongst the live audience and given theopportunity to present their questions to market experts on the panel.

The panel included Christopher Cornwall, theco-founder and managing partner at Mark Williams Recruitment. Meenaz Syed, awell-established tech recruiter, and Valencia Fernandes associate CIPD, anotherengrained GCC recruiter.

They each tackled some very interesting topicsraised by the audience leaving them a little more confident than they were inhandling their quest for their next best opportunity. Syed raised some valuablepoints in strategizing job searches and being persistent.

She also highlighted the importance of the rightkeywords in the resume and how well-drafted resumes leave an impact on recruiters.

Cornwall's inputs targeted trends in the market,stating that most organisations today combine multiple profiles into singleroles, preparing themselves to be more lean and agile to meet market trends.

Fernandes' contribution was vital in motivating theaudience to think differently, redirect their job search to more positiveoutcomes, and suggest unique ways to get noticed and reach the top of therecruiter's shortlist.

Overall, the informative session left the audiencewanting more and energised to embark on their journey to landing their dreamjobs. 

With over 100,000 followers on i12WRK's LinkedInpage, the latest jobs are posted daily and job seekers are encouraged to applyfor relevant positions with their complete profiles. Applicants who have videoCVs uploaded on their profiles tend to get more clicks from potentialemployers. i12WRK mobile app comes in handy for job seekers to search for openvacancies across different industries and professions. The app is available onboth Android and iOS platforms and is free to download.

All participants followed Covid-19 rules. They areeither vaccinated or wore a mask and maintained a safe distance during thecomplete event.

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