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Streamacst is the HD live streaming arrangement permits you to catch video continuously and broadcast it to audiences across multiple platforms simultaneously. Be it Seminars, workshops, weddings or shows, we guarantee that the end customer has a seamless experience.

Wedding Live Streaming Bangalore permits you to share the intimate andunforgettable moments of your wedding with friends and family who are unable toattend the event in the flesh.

Streaming key parts of your wedding may be marvelous thanks toembodying anyone who's unobtainable to be there. you would possibly have guestsliving abroad or across state lines, white-haired ones WHO area unit unwell, orguests unable to travel. 

How Does Wedding Live Streaming Take Place?

While not associate integral a part of your wedding, live streaming ischanging into progressively standard, therefore let's run through the way tohave it away well so your virtual guests are not left speculative why they'llsolely see the floor!

The costs of live streaming a marriage vary—choose a DIY choice,nominate a dependable guest to coordinate, or rent knowledgeable. 

Who is Best in Offering Wedding Live Streaming in Bangalore? is the leading Live marriage streaming service in Bangalore, whocommitted in offering inventive online web applications that help couplesmarriage, businesses stream their events live over Bangalore. Book our servicefor high quality and reliable Wedding Live streaming online! Call Today! 

Why Choose for High Quality Wedding Live Streaming?

Our team of streaming and broadcasting experts ensure you're connectedwith your online guests and make sures all the live streaming in on place andreliable. Say greeting to your virtual guests @! Call Today! 

Common live streaming platforms:

New streaming choices area unit developed on a daily basis howevermost couples opt for Facebook Live, Instagram TV, or YouTube Live. you'll beable to conjointly keep company with Livestream from Vimeo, relative newcomercast, or everyone's new favorite, Zoom. many wedding firms have conjointlystarted dedicated streaming services. If this takes your fancy, check out: Joy,Event Live, Wedfuly or My Streaming Wedding. 

1. Facebook streaming is free for any range of participants, andyou'll be able to swank your event for eight hours when you press 'start livevideo'.

If you and your guests use iPhones/iPads, then Apple FaceTime isadditionally free and permits up to thirty-two folks to hitch in. 

2. YouTube Live is free for unlimited viewers and you'll be able tostream in an exceedingly single video for up to twelve hours. we tend to lovethis selection if you would like to be ready to re-watch your live stream(again and again) as YouTube can mechanically save your wedding live stream. 

3. If you have got a free Zoom account, you'll be able to broadcast ona non-public cloud for forty minutes and up to a hundred participants. you'llbe able to pay $14.99 for a monthly “pro” zoom account or increase informationmeasure to five hundred participants with a $50 fee. 

4. Google Hangouts recently had a makeover and is currently referredto as Google Meet. It's another free tool and is straightforward for anyonewith a Gmail account. As customary, Google Meet solely lets twenty-five folksbe a part of a video decision however through Sept thirty, 2020, G Suitecustomers have free access to advanced Google Meet video conference options,like larger conferences (up to 250 participants), live streaming, andrecording. 


No matter where you marriage taking place, with Streamcast online wedding live streaming service in Bangalore,your guest or loved ones can enjoy attending your marriage without any hasslesand delay.

For more queries, please feel free to connect our official [email protected] Book our service @ Streamcast and start Live streaming yourwedding in Bangalore!

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