Benefits of Alum

You may have heard something about alum. This is not a new thing for us, alum has been used as a medicine for centuries. Its scientific name is potassium aluminum sulphate.

It is available in two colors, white and light pink. Most of the alum we use is white. In Ayurveda it is also used as ash. I still remember my mother throwing a small piece of alum into the fire when I had a sore throat and a cough.

Alum is still used in the village to prevent bleeding from minor injuries and to reduce foot infections during the rainy season. It is also found to be applied on the face as an antiseptic after shaving. Consumption of alum also relieves asthma, cough and dental problems.

But have you ever bathed in alum water? Its use benefits your health to a great extent, not to some extent. Bathing with alum-water reduces hair loss.

It helps to remove body waste including your head. Also the odor coming from the sweat coming out of the body is removed. Let’s take a look at some of the health benefits of bathing with alum-water.

Enhances skin beauty

Alum is considered to be very beneficial for the skin. Alum has astringent properties. It works to tighten the skin. Therefore, bathing with alum mixed water reduces facial wrinkles.

Alum water helps to get rid of problems like pigmentation, skin blemishes and redness. You can also wash your face with alum water to enhance your beauty. Ayurveda has also suggested using alum to get rid of dandruff and skin related problems.

Removes fleas and tea

Alum has anti-bacterial properties. It protects your hair and scalp from infections and cleanses well. Bathing with alum in warm water also solves the problem of fleas.

If you want to get the most out of it, add alum to the water in the evening and wash your head with that water in the morning. Doing so removes the lice from the head and also solves the problem of tea. The dust on the head is also cleaned.

Removes odor of sweat

The stench of sweat in summer is a big problem. It is a shame to be close to friends or relatives. In hot weather, some people start sweating even after taking a bath. In this way, it is beneficial for a person who sweats a lot to take a bath with water mixed with alum.

Alum has astringent and antiseptic properties, which work to prevent the stench of sweat coming from your body. Alum also works as an anti-inflammatory and natural perfume for you. Bathing with alum-water is also considered beneficial for open pores on the skin.

If you have bad breath or any kind of fungal infection, wash your feet daily with alum in hot water. It can also be applied by mixing alum powder in coconut oil.

Helps in hair growth

Alum contains potassium and sodium. Therefore, bathing with alum-water is also beneficial for hair growth. Similarly, if the skin is peeled or cut while shaving, it is considered effective to apply alum.

It also protects against hair loss. For this, you can grind alum and mix it with rose water or you can take a bath by mixing rose water with alum water. Doing so will also help your hair grow.

Benefits in urinary tract infections

People who suffer from frequent urinary tract infections should consume alum especially. Alum is considered a good alternative for cleansing the genitals.

Cleaning with alum-water removes dirt and reduces the chances of urinary tract infections and other types of infections.

Benefits in joint pain

Bathing with alum water is considered as a pain relief treatment. Just as hot water is good for joints and nerves, bathing with alum in hot water can help reduce your pain.

Alum contains manganese, which has anti-inflammatory properties, and is believed to help reduce bone swelling and pain.

Removes bad breath

With the help of alum-water, you can also get rid of bad breath. It has anti-bacterial properties, which are considered to be more effective in cleansing your mouth.

Its astringent properties are considered to be very helpful in reducing toothache and cleaning gums. If you have a sore mouth, rinse with alum water. To do this, rinse your mouth with warm alum water. Rinsing two or three times a day will relax you in a few days.
Instead of cracking alum in water, grind it.

If you suffer from any kind of allergy or any complex health problem, take alum only after consulting a doctor. Also, daily and large-scale use of alum can be harmful. We have to be careful about this.

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