Stay Fit After Age of 40 years

How to Stay Fit After Age of 40 years?

As you grow older, your metabolism slows down. After the age of 40, metabolism slows down and body weight begins to increase. Weight gain will be followed by an increase in abdominal fat.

According to experts, the amount of testosterone hormone begins to decrease with age. Therefore, after reaching the age of 40, it is necessary to take special care in food. Experts suggest that the following measures be taken:

  1. Increasing the amount of fiber in the diet: After 40 years, the emphasis should be on foods that are high in fiber. Fiber-rich foods help control high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Chana, rajma, soybean, almond, broccoli, green corn, cabbage, persimmon, avocado, apple, banana, orange, strawberry etc. are the foods rich in fiber.

  1. Foods include protein and whole grains: eggs, fish, meat, milk, cheese, pasta, almonds, black beans, oats, mangoes, etc. are rich in protein.

It is beneficial to eat whole wheat, barley, rice, maize etc. Wheat bran flour, wheat bran or oatmeal, brown rice, wild rice, oats etc. can be bought and eaten in the market.

  1. Use healthy oils: Olive oil, avocado, various food seeds contain health benefits. Cholesterol is more likely to rise after the age of 40.

In addition, there is a high risk of developing diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. It is important to choose the right food to avoid these problems.

Using any oil on the market can increase the amount of trans fat in the body, which can lead to many heart problems.

  1. Increasing the amount of liquids in food: It is beneficial to eat enough liquids at this age. It helps keep the body’s muscles healthy.

Adequate intake of fluids is also essential for proper functioning of muscles and kidneys. Drink 2 to 3 liters of water daily.

It is also beneficial to consume green tea, green vegetable and bean soup, juice, lemon water, coconut water, honey etc.

  1. After 40 years, it is advisable not to consume the following items: Consumption of caffeinated products (coffee, coke, etc.) increases acidity, heartburn, so it is advisable not to consume such items.

Also, do not eat starchy foods, packaged foods and junk food, foods with more oil, foods with more salt. As alcohol can exacerbate liver problems, it is best not to consume it. Also exercise regularly.

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