Improve Your Bad Habits

How to Improve Your Bad Habits

The overall pattern of bad habits is unhealthy lifestyle. If such bad habits can be improved, the lifestyle will become positive and healthy. Some people get into the habit of doing bad things due to lack of information, while some people get into the habit of doing bad things by being careless despite being aware. There are countless bad habits that can ruin your life. Here are some tips to help you get rid of bad habits.

To be lazy and not to exercise

We are often reluctant to get up early in the morning and are too lazy to exercise. We don’t do yoga because we are lazy. Or we do regular exercise, sports, morning walks, swimming, gym, aerobics, zumba, folk dance, etc. We do not do our physical, mental work or exercises regularly due to laziness. Lazy habits can have a detrimental effect on our body and mind, and our lives can be disrupted.

Improve yourself: Even when laziness comes, you need to encourage yourself. The feeling that time should be respected should be brought to mind. I need to make a commitment and resolve from the bottom of my heart that I must do this work. If you are not interested in one physical exercise, continue the other type of exercise, forcing you to wake up in the morning with the help of an alarm or someone.

When you feel lazy, you can gradually reduce your laziness by doing dances or exercises like playing music. If you don’t feel like exercising, walk about ten thousand steps. Include climbing, descending, and so on. Bathing is also a good exercise. When you feel lazy, practice self-massaging all over the body, tapping, moving the knees even while sleeping, sitting, lying down and kneeling. If you miss physical exercise in the morning due to laziness or other reasons, increase some physical activity throughout the day. Never exercise too much but never do too much. Instead, let’s practice the right way every day, even if it’s just a little bit.

If you don’t feel like exercising, walk about ten thousand steps. Include climbing, descending, etc.

The habit of eating more
One of the worst aspects of an unhealthy lifestyle is eating too much. Eating more than the body needs, eating too much starchy or fatty or fast food like burgers, pizza, etc., the habit of consuming heavy calorie foods often proves to be very deadly. Even then, if people with the disease are fed against the disease, the disease will get worse or risk situation will be created. Eating too much can lead to obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, lipid profile disorders, diabetes, osteoarthritis, rheumatism and many other problems.

Ways to improve: Reduce your addiction to eating out. Use natural foods at home. If you like to eat, use only a small portion occasionally. Keep track of how many calories I’ve consumed and how much I’ve consumed in 24 hours, calculate how much to consume more than calories. If you have a habit of not being able to control the food at banquets or at home-hotel, use low calorie things like salad first or drink two-three glasses of water immediately before eating so that you do not eat at all.

Use water, salads, and juicy fruits to keep you from getting too hungry. Eat the right amount according to work, exercise or labor. If you already have a fat body, then you should eat less energy than you need. The person with the disease should ask the doctor to make a diet chart about the food according to the problem and should eat accordingly. Those who are unable to eat should use short, long variety of fasting with cleansing activities under the direction of a naturopath.


People who use pollen, spices, cigarettes, khaini etc. daily are sure to suffer from cancer, asthma, tuberculosis, heart disease etc. Therefore, such factors of unhealthy lifestyle should be discarded in time. Nowadays, those who use such means are considered as uncivilized citizens.

Alcohol, beer, liquor, spirits, and wine are also harmful. When you use such things sometimes, you get used to it and you get addicted to using it every day. Excessive use of anti-social, quarrelsome, or indecent acts can lead to personality loss, loss of trust, and disgrace to oneself and one’s family. So never get into the habit of drinking. If you have to use it occasionally, use it sparingly and in moderation. The use of tea and coffee should be limited to one or two cups a day. Excessive consumption of tea and coffee also causes many physical and mental ailments.

Ways to get rid of addiction: To get rid of the habit of using cigarettes, spices, gutkha, khaini etc. every day, one should choose its alternative. For example, if you have a habit of doing such addictions, then using fennel, sweet melons, cloves, cinnamon, etc., once or twice a day will reduce the amount and gradually reduce the addiction.

The use of such means and fruit juices, green tea, basil tea, lemon-water, gradually reducing the quantity and days of use as an alternative to alcoholism also requires expert counseling and psychotherapy to overcome the addiction of alcohol and other addictions. . Yoga (Shodhanakriya, Asana, Pranayama, Dhyana, etc.), naturopathy and psychotherapy methods also help to eliminate addiction.


To reduce tea-coffee addiction, one should follow the rules of drinking water, using alternative drinks, light quantity instead of strong tea-coffee, use small cup, do not keep sugar or keep it low. If detoxification measures are taken, the physical and mental effects of such harmful elements are reduced.

Excessive use of electronic devices

Excessive use of various electronic devices such as mobiles, TVs, laptops, computers, etc. is also disrupting the lifestyle. Food, family reunion, creativity, physical exercise, sleeping habits, time, etc., are being negatively affected by such means. Even if used in productive work, excessive use causes many problems. Excessive use of mobile phones can be harmful to the radiation emitted from it and various studies have shown that it can affect insomnia, brain tumors and cancer, disorders of brain activity and other things.

How to use it properly: Let’s use mobile less or for a certain period of time. Let’s not waste hours on social media. The right time, the right position of the body, eye protection, the correct position of the back, etc. should be taken care of. Used for entertainment, cooking, communication and information, such devices can be used for creativity, health promotion and lifestyle management. Through YouTube we can learn and practice yoga, exercise etc., enjoy listening to music, know and understand the things of epistemology.

Unhealthy eating
Unnatural, unhealthy and unbalanced eating causes disease. Too much sugar, salt, flour, etc. is considered a white poison, which should be used sparingly. Tamasic eating distorts the body and mind.

Measures to make it balanced: Unprocessed, organic, unadulterated, sattvic food should be eaten. In addition, carbohydrates, protein, fat, minerals, vitamins, fiber and water should be mixed. The amount of salad, green vegetables, fruits should be increased.

Negativity and violence

Negative thinking, lying habits, adopting violence from mind, words and deeds etc. can cause mental and physical diseases. This leads to many problems. Negative treatment of others is hurting oneself.

Ways to be positive: Considering everything positively, meditating on positivity, speaking the truth and not doing wrong, trying to be happy all the time, looking for happiness within yourself, being satisfied, happy and calm, practicing yoga is beneficial. Sometimes it’s hard to be positive yourself. If you have mental problems such as stress, anxiety, depression, you need to get psychotherapy and other treatments.

If we continue to dig into our habits, we can find countless bad habits. Some people are saddened by such habits and feel guilty. Correcting small mistakes does not increase the problem. Getting yourself on the right path by correcting bad habits of life is the key to transforming a healthy lifestyle, always meditate on it.

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