AOL IMAP Settings And How to Fix Email Not Working Problems

AOL IMAP Settings And How to Fix Email Not Working Problems

When making use of AOL as your email provider, you can make use of a third-party email app to download a copy of your AOL Mail email or to send and receive emails, should you prefer a different interface. But for you to use a third-party email client effectively, your AOL IMAP settings protocols must be well set.

IMAP work is to sync the app and your account to keep the information in both places identical. This means that any action you perform in your account at will also reflect in the app. Thus, making your AOL IMAP settings a necessity if you intend using a third-party email client.

AOL IMAP Settings Procedure

Note: There are two protocols available for you to configure your AOL Mail account on an email client, [IMAP and POP]. However, it is advisable to always use IMAP as it works best with AOL Mail.

Below is the AOL IMAP settings procedure you need to follow to set up your AOL Mail account for an email client.

Incoming Mail Server [IMAP]

  • Server:
  • Port: 993
  • Requires SSL: Yes

Outgoing Mail Server [SMTP]

  • Server:
  • Port: 465
  • Requires SSL: Yes

Note: When entering your account info, make sure you use your full email address, including Also, ensure that the SSL encryption is enabled for incoming and outgoing mail.

Steps to Fix AOL IMAP/Email Not Working Problems

There are some troubleshooting steps you can consider when experiencing problems with AOL IMAP settings. Below are those quick troubleshoot you can carry out;

Keep your AOL Mail Account Password Up to Date

One of the common reasons why AOL IMAP not working occurs is using an old account password. Assuming you changed your AOL email account password recently but have not updated your new password on the email client that you configured your Mail account with, then you may face problems sending or receiving emails. Hence, to avoid this issue, update your new password on the AOL IMAP settings for your software. To update the password, just navigate to Email Accounts or Account Settings of your email app, Select your AOL Mail account, then Update your new Password.

Check your AOL IMAP Settings for your Account

This is another one of the major reasons why you experience problems in sending and receiving emails. When you configure your AOL Mail account with incorrect IMAP/POP settings, you are certainly going to experience problems sending and receiving emails. So to avoid such issues, make sure you follow the settings procedure for AOL IMAP above to properly set up your IMAP.

Update Your Email Client Software

At times, when you use an old version of an email client software, you will experience issues in sending and receiving emails. The reason is that sometimes your account may experience compatibility problems with the latest security update in AOL Mail. Therefore, to avoid experiencing issues or if you are experiencing issues already, think of updating your email client software with the latest version.

Uninstall and Reinstall your AOL Mail Account

This hack is, particularly for iPhone users. Should all these troubleshooting steps not fix your AOL Mail problems on email application, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling AOL Mail on your email software.

To uninstall and reinstall your AOL Mail account on iPhone, follow the instructions below;

To Uninstall;

  • Go the menu of your iPhone, tap on the Settings icon
  • Scroll down to Accounts and Password option and click on it
  • Check for AOL Mail, tap on it to access the settings section
  • From the settings section, select Delete Account then Delete from My iPhone
  • After that, go back to the main menu.

To Reinstall

  • Go back to the Settings from the main menu. Select Accounts and Password option
  • In the Accounts and Password section, click on the Add Account option. You will see a list of email services.
  • Select the AOL Mail option from the list
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to set up your AOL Mail account on your iPhone when you will be asked to enter your AOL Username and Password
  • When you successfully reconfigure your AOL Mail account on your iPhone, it would help you to overcome the “AOL IMAP not working” problems.

In summary, it’s clear to see that a correct IMAP setting is a necessity for your AOL Mail account to work properly. In this article, therefore, we believe you have learned the troubleshooting steps to fix your IMAP not working. Likewise, the correct AOL IMAP settings you need to adopt.

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